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Zaatar is a fascinating blend of herbs with a rather long history that dates back to biblical times. When you cook with it you are joining a tradition that has been followed for thousands of years. In ancient times this seasoning was not only used for culinary purposes, but medicinal ones as well as it was thought to contain several properties that improved one’s health and well-being.

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What is Za’atar?

Zaatar recipes chiefly include ground thyme, oregano, and marjoram blended with toasted sesame seed and sea salt. Though others added sumac, savory, or caraway to their particular blend, because there was not simply one precise recipe that fit all. Historically women in the kitchen kept their Zaatar recipes top secret, not to be shared with friends or even their own families. Another reason for the wide variety in recipes is because of the influence of the regions where it was created. The popularity of this spice reached far and wide from the Middle East to the Mediterranean and beyond to North African communities. The most popular ways to use Zaatar were as a seasoning on meats and vegetables, sprinkled onto bread after dipping into olive oil, and in hummus, on salads, or mixed into yogurt.

Zaatar for Health

Another mainstream use of Zaatar in ancient times was as an application for the healing of the body. Particularly the strong components in the thyme was thought to rid the body of internal parasites. It was also believed that this spice gave one better intellect. Children were encouraged to imbibe in a Zaatar sandwich first thing in the morning if they had a challenging day of school testing ahead. Besides being an antiseptic and a brain booster this spice was also linked to ridding the body of a lingering cough and as a general cleanser in purifying rituals.

Spice of Life

Zaatar is not only delicious in foods, but has true healing compounds. Today the spice is as popular as ever, as it has spread to all cultures and corners of the world. Zaatar is used in an assortment of dishes from chicken entrees to vegetable soups in a mixture of cuisines. Not to mention it is still regarded as an important remedy for all sorts of ailments. We must look to the past to truly understand Zaatar and we have many ancestors to thank for passing along their knowledge and wisdom of this unique spice blend.


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