Zaatar Seasoning Recipe Ideas

Za’atar Garlic Salmon

There are many ways to use Za’tar spice, and this Za’tar Garlic Salmon recipe is one that you must experience. It does not only offer you nutritional benefits but it is also delicious and enjoyable. Ingredients 1 lb. Salmon fillet (without skin).12 scrubbed baby potatoes.6 oz. Broccoli florets.Two cups of grape tomatoes.2 TSP Dry Zaatar [...]

Loaded Mediterranean Chickpea Salad

There is no better time to stay healthy than now, and staying healthy has a lot to do with the things we eat. Thus, this Mediterranean diet recipe is a must-try, and with the presence of Za'atar spice, we guarantee you a winner that you will go back to every chance you get. Ingredients 3 [...]

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Zaatar Lemon Grilled Chicken

Za-Ha Zaatar and Lemon Grilled Chicken You can grill your chicken in a more creative way than usual. Adding a bit of a twist to your grilled chicken will sure have everyone asking for more. So, if you are planning a get-together with friends and you want to add extra flavors to your grilled chicken, [...]

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Oven Braised Buttermilk Chicken with Za’atar

What many people know about the combination of buttermilk and chicken is buttermilk fried chicken. But as amazing as that is, Oven Braised Buttermilk Chicken is even more amazing as it raises the bar. It is also easy to make, and it does not cover your stove with grease. Adding Za-Ha Zaatar spices things up [...]

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ZA-HA Zaatar Oven Baked Turkey Recipe

It's mid-November and that means one thing... Thanksgiving is just around the corner! To prepare, we wanted to share with you our favorite zaatar turkey recipe.There's no better way to spruce up the traditional oven-baked turkey recipe than to add a little Mediterranean flare. If you're looking for a recipe that's slightly different this Thanksgiving, [...]

ZA-HA Zaatar Lamb Chops

Today's recipe incorporates both of ZA-HA's flagship products, our famous zaatar spread, as well as our dry zaatar seasoning. Serve this up with a side salad and rice pilaf and you've got yourself a delicious Mediterranean meal that is beyond delicious! These came out absolutely incredible and we're confident you'll love this dish just as [...]

Pan Baked Zaatar Chicken With Potatoes Recipe

We're so excited to introduce  to you our newest zaatar seasoning baked chicken recipe! This delish baked zaatar chicken, potato, and vegetable recipe only requires a single pan, some fresh veggies, chicken, and of course some of our world-famous ZA-HA zaatar seasoning. This is the perfect dinner idea that is guaranteed to be loved by [...]

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Honey Zaatar Chicken Recipe

We are so excited to share today's ZA-HA zaatar recipe with you! We take a classic oven baked chicken recipe and add quite the spin on it. This meal is perfect for a cozy night at home with friends or family. Don't forget the red-wine! Serving: 4 Ingredients: 3 Tbsp ZA-HA zaatar seasoning 2 Tbsp [...]

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Zaatar Seasoned Chicken Kebab Recipe

It's no secret that one of the most popular middle eastern dishes is the good old fashioned kebab. This is for good reason... kebabs are absolutely delicious! Today we're going to share with you a delicious chicken kebab recipe that incorporates flavorful zaatar seasoning grilled right into the meat. Kebabs are simple, delicious, and healthy... a triple [...]

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Zaatar Recipe Idea | Zaatar Chicken Burgers With Labneh | ZA-HA Zaatar

We're so excited to share today's recipe. Now that we're getting close to summer, it's finally warming up and we're ready to start grilling! We have taken a familiar summer treat and added the ZA-HA twist to it that'll be sure to take this summer food from ordinary to extraordinary! Let's get to it... Zaatar [...]


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