ZA-HA Zaatar Oven Baked Turkey Recipe

It's mid-November and that means one thing... Thanksgiving is just around the corner! To prepare, we wanted to share with you our favorite zaatar turkey recipe.There's no better way to spruce up the traditional oven-baked turkey recipe than to add a little Mediterranean flare. If you're looking for a recipe that's slightly different this Thanksgiving, [...]

ZA-HA Zaatar Lamb Chops

Today's recipe incorporates both of ZA-HA's flagship products, our famous zaatar spread, as well as our dry zaatar seasoning. Serve this up with a side salad and rice pilaf and you've got yourself a delicious Mediterranean meal that is beyond delicious! These came out absolutely incredible and we're confident you'll love this dish just as [...]

Pan Baked Zaatar Chicken With Potatoes Recipe

We're so excited to introduce  to you our newest zaatar seasoning baked chicken recipe! This delish baked zaatar chicken, potato, and vegetable recipe only requires a single pan, some fresh veggies, chicken, and of course some of our world-famous ZA-HA zaatar seasoning. This is the perfect dinner idea that is guaranteed to be loved by [...]

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Honey Zaatar Chicken Recipe

We are so excited to share today's ZA-HA zaatar recipe with you! We take a classic oven baked chicken recipe and add quite the spin on it. This meal is perfect for a cozy night at home with friends or family. Don't forget the red-wine! Serving: 4 Ingredients: 3 Tbsp ZA-HA zaatar seasoning 2 Tbsp [...]

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Miracle Spice of The Middle East – Zaatar

The miracle spice of the Middle East: Zaatar Zaatar or Zatar, also known as the Queen of Spice, is a Middle Eastern spice blend with roots that stretch back to Biblical times, as was evidenced by Pliny the Elder, a Roman author. Although Zaatar has been a staple of the Middle Eastern cuisine for centuries, [...]

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Zaatar Seasoned Chicken Kebab Recipe

It's no secret that one of the most popular middle eastern dishes is the good old fashioned kebab. This is for good reason... kebabs are absolutely delicious! Today we're going to share with you a delicious chicken kebab recipe that incorporates flavorful zaatar seasoning grilled right into the meat. Kebabs are simple, delicious, and healthy... a triple [...]

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Zaatar Recipe Idea | Zaatar Chicken Burgers With Labneh | ZA-HA Zaatar

We're so excited to share today's recipe. Now that we're getting close to summer, it's finally warming up and we're ready to start grilling! We have taken a familiar summer treat and added the ZA-HA twist to it that'll be sure to take this summer food from ordinary to extraordinary! Let's get to it... Zaatar [...]

Incredible Smashed Avocado Toast With Zaatar Seasoning

Today's recipe is definitely an exciting one! It's no secret that avocado toast is one of the latest food trends these days. It's for good reason, though. Avocado is considered a "superfood" due to its high content in (good) fats, and vitamins. We've figured out a way to take ordinary avocado toast and enhance it [...]

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Delicious Zaatar Spread Pizza

Today's zaatar spread recipe idea is one of our absolute favorites! It's such a unique twist on one of the most popular foods in the world... delicious homemade pizza topped with ZA-HA Zaatar Spread! Luckily this recipe is super simple yet still absolutely delicious. Here at ZA-HA, we definitely love easy to make recipes that everyone [...]

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Zaatar Spread Baked Salmon Recipe – Za-Ha Zaatar

It's no secret that we at ZA-HA Zaatar absolutely love a dish that's both tasty and healthy. Today's zaatar spread recipe is definitely no exception. Introducing... Baked Salmon With Mixed Vegetables and Zaatar Spread This recipe adds a Mediterranean twist on a simple (yet tasty!) seafood dish. This simple dish can be prepared from start to finish [...]

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