Zaatar Info and Uses

Miracle Spice of The Middle East – Zaatar

The miracle spice of the Middle East: Zaatar Zaatar or Zatar, also known as the Queen of Spice, is a Middle Eastern spice blend with roots that stretch back to Biblical times, as was evidenced by Pliny the Elder, a Roman author. Although Zaatar has been a staple of the Middle Eastern cuisine for centuries, [...]

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Zaatar Seasoning Spread in Culinary Use

How to use zaatar spice mix spread for culinary use Zaatar is a shrub-like herb that grows naturally in the Levant region, an area that covers Syria, Lebanon, Palestine, Israel, and Jordan. The use of Zaatar seasoning depends on the ingredients available locally. However, it is popularly used to create spicy sauces by combining [...]

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Zaatar Spice and Health

Top reasons why zaatar mediterranean seasoning spice mix is beneficial to your health There are many different types of herbs in the world that people use to spice up their foods to make them taste better. Some of which are used for health purposes since they can help with keeping the body healthy and [...]

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ZA-HA Zaatar Spice Mix

Zaatar Mediterranean Seasoning Mix Condiment Spread Unlock the knowledge of a seasoning that has long been used for thousands of years. Zaatar is a unique blend of herbs, sesame seeds, sumac, and sea salt along with roasted garlic spices that combines for a flavor you won't be able to resist. Though traditionally used in [...]

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Zaatar Proves Good For The Brain.

Zaatar Spice Blend Can Be Good For Your Brain In certain parts of the Middle East, folk tradition suggests that za’atar has brain-boosting properties - The Salt recounts that Syrian children are often encouraged to sprinkle the spice mix on meals before exams. Scientific literature on the health benefits of za’atar herbs like thyme, oregano, [...]

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