Spanish Saffron

Spanish Saffron

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Saffron is prized for its deep, rich color, rich flavor and aroma. ZA-HA sources saffron from Spain for its superior quality – there are more than 250 hand-picked strands per bottle!

Considered the world’s most expensive spice, saffron comes from the stigma of the crocus, the tiny strands at the flower’s center.  You need only a few strands of saffron to add its bright color and distinctive flavor to your recipes. Paella, risotto and bouillabaisse are some of the most popular dishes with saffron. It’s also commonly used in Scandinavian breads, Moroccan tagines and Indian desserts. To extract saffron’s color and flavor, soak the crushed strands in a little hot water for a few minutes, then add the mixture to your recipe.



Wow your friends and family at your next dinner with the delicious ZA-HA 100% authentic Spanish Saffron.


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