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Za-Ha Zaatar Pasta Recipe Idea

The beautiful thing about zaatar, other than its heath benefits, amazing flavor, and wonderful aroma – is that it can add a rich, beautiful flavor to almost any type of food.

Today we’re going to talk about how adding zaatar to pasta can make a quick and easy meal that’s also tasty.

Everyone knows that pasta is one of the easiest meals to cook when you’re in a pinch. Why not try this new take on an old favorite?

Step 1: Noodles

Boil water and add a generous amount of salt and olive oil.

Add in your favorite pasta noodles, and cook for the desired amount of time based on the type of noodle that you choose.

Drain noodles.

Step 2: Adding Za-Ha Zaatar Spice Mix

Za-Ha Zaatar Pasta Recipe

After draining the noodles, stir in a generous amount of Za-Ha Zaatar Spice Mix. It is important that you do not mix the spice mix or heat it up on its own. Za-Ha Zaatar Spice Mix is not meant to be heated or cooked by itself or it may lose some of its original, delicious flavor.

Our zaatar blend will give your pasta a beautiful herbal, rich, garlic flavor that traditional pasta sauces can’t.

Bonus tip: spread Za-Ha Zaatar Spice Mix on your favorite type of warm bread for a delicious, oily, rich flavor that is sure to please your entire family.

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